The Arts

The Corvallis Schools Foundation supports music, visual arts, and performances through Teacher Grants and Special Projects, providing opportunities for students that are beyond the capacity of the school district budget. 

The benefits of the arts for positive student development in the academic, social, and emotional realms are many.  Participation in the arts:

  • Teaches self-expression and creativity
  • Fosters collaboration and group learning 
  • Increases student confidence
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Improves learning in math, science, and language arts..
  • Increases capacity for higher-ordered thinking skills such as analyzing and problem-solving

 Corvallis music education begins in the primary school, with band, choir, and string orchestra programs offered to students in the middle and high schools.  The string orchestra program is the only music program of its kind in the Bitterroot Valley.  

As interest in participating in music programs has steadily grown in recent years, the  need for additional instruments for the affordable Band/Orchestra rental program, as well as replacements for aging brass, woodwinds, and string instruments, has also grown.  The Corvallis Schools Foundation is committed to seeing that no student will miss out on music education due to lack of quality instruments.

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