Field Trip Scholarships

All learning does not take place within the walls of the school. Educational field trips are one of the best ways for students to experience firsthand the concepts and ideas taught in the classroom.  But field trips are costly and often require student fees that not all families can afford.  The Corvallis Schools Foundation is committed to funding quality school field trips and ensuring that every student can participate.     
The Corvallis Schools Foundation has provided support for the following: 
  • 4th graders to go to the symphony
  • Primary School field trip fees
  • National Science Olympiad Competition
  • High School Junior Field Trip
  • 1st grade swimming lessons
  • High School Junior field trip
  • 7th grade Capitol (Helena) overnight field trip
  • High School Classroom Without Walls
  • Middle School Missoula field trip fees
  • High School National Speech Competition
  • Middle School annual grade level ski day
  • High School Europe Trip Scholarships
  • 7th Grade Montana-Wyoming trip
  • Student meals on field trips

In addition, each year the Corvallis Schools Foundation provides $1,000 in field trip scholarship funding per school to the Primary, Middle and High Schools to be used as needed.

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